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LEGO September 28, 2001 05:54

model dimenson: 10-100 mikrometer

I would like to get some help on my new work. I going to calculate convective heat transfer at a surface of a CHIP. The geometry is complicated and has an about 10-100 mikrometer of dimension. The medium is air, it cools the surface. The velocity far away from the surface is some cm/s. We need the detailed temperature and velocity fields. I would like to get some advices or publications on meshing and the wall treatments. Till now I dealed with problems of great geometries.

Thanks for your help: Gabor LEGRADI, Budapest University of Technology

Robin Steed September 28, 2001 17:20

Re: model dimenson: 10-100 mikrometer
Hi Gabor,

If your geometry is very small relative to your velocity, and it sounds as though it is, you will not have to resolve the details of the circuitry in your cfd model to determine heat transfer rate/surface temperature globally.

On the other hand, if you are interested in details of the heat transfer at the surface and through the material, ie energy transfer from a circuit into and across the insulator and then into the fluid, you will not have to resolve much of the macroscopic air flow. Your best bet would be to do a macroscopic analysis of the enclosure and use the results to generate profile boundary conditions for a microscopic analysis of the surface and solid.

You will have great difficulty doing both simultaneously due to round-off error.

You can contact your local CFX office for more information. See <A HREF=""></a> to find the closest office.

Regards, Robin

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