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verypuzzled October 2, 2001 04:14

heat transfer problem in multi-phase flow
hello people in the forum,

I'm very puzzled and frustrated over all these weeks in computing temperature profiles for a 3-phase mixing in a stirred vessel. 3 phases are- continuous liquid (phase1) and 2 dispersed phases of a gas (phase2) and the other type of liquid (phase3). ( both liquids are quite viscous compared to water)

The 2 disperse phases come into the computation domain through adding sources (a user3d-sparger). This adding stream is cold while the bulk environment (phase1 mainly) is hot. The correlation to calculate inter-phase heat transfer is by Hughmark. I expected to see all phases with temperature no more than the hot fluid originally present but the dispersed liquid phase (cold and which I specify as 3rd phase) is computed to have a temperature "WAY OVER" the hottest fluid. But where's the heat generated from? The other profiles (e.g. temperatures of phase1 and phase2), however, look reasonable in this preliminary run.

In order not to confuse any, I'd stop this already long message here. I am more than willing to provide the details if anyone has any advise in dealing with this system.

Please please help. I really need to get this right to move on to further computation.

Sorry for the long message and thank you for your attention.

p.s. the problem is set up in CFX4.4.

Herve October 3, 2001 11:16

Re: heat transfer problem in multi-phase flow
I'd like to see what you have set up and what your output file looks like to try and understand what is wrong...

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