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Matthew Campbell October 3, 2001 01:26

Fatal Error: Face Evaluation Failed

I'm using CFX 5.4.1 to analyse the flow through a reasonably complex model that I imported as an IGES file. I've had no problems at all up until attempting to apply the mesh, and when i attempt this I recieve the following error:

Face Evaluation Failed

error status code 2:

Solid 1.39

I cant seem to find anything on this error in the documentation, and suspect it is due to an incongruent surface. I've tried the recommended means of rectifying this to no avail. (not to mention I cant seem to find solid 1.39) Any help would be greately appreciated.



Astrid October 3, 2001 02:55

Re: Fatal Error: Face Evaluation Failed
First you have to be sure if Solid 1.39 is present. You can check this by geometry/show/surface and than type in 'Solid 1.39'. This should give you information about the surface.

If it is not present in your geometry than I don't know what to do. If it is present than delete the solid and the surface. Than recreate the surface. Depending on the nature of the surface (triangle, square etc.) try several options. If you have created a good surface recreate your solid.

Then, check your surface mesh on your new surface! Make sure that this surface mesh is not a mess. If it is a mess than start over again and try a different option for creating your surface. If the surface mesh is OK than start with the volume mesh.

If you have a nasty surface, come up with the nature of the surface and I can give more hints and tips.

Good luck, Astrid

Matthew Campbell October 3, 2001 03:26

Re: Fatal Error: Face Evaluation Failed
Thanks, Astrid I'll try that. Yes the Surface 1.39 is there, but it's a B-rep solid, so solid 1.39 doesn't exist. Hence why I am puzzled over this error. If what you've suggested doesn't work I may resort to Isomeshing, and then Paving. This is all new to me and who would have thought from all the tutorials that meshing would prove so troublesome!.

Thanks Again, Matt

Astrid October 3, 2001 05:20

Re: Fatal Error: Face Evaluation Failed
When there is a surface called 'Solid 1.39' then there sould be an underlying surface called 'surface ...'. This underlying surface causes your problems. So, all my suggestions in the previous ad are for that surface.

You can find the surface by selecting 'Solid 1.39' by name. Then you have to click on that surface. A menu will pop up in which you can select several neighbouring surfaces. Scroll through this menu until you find the underlying surface. It will lighten up at the same position as Solid 1.39.

More luck, Astrid

Matthew Campbell October 3, 2001 07:52

Definition File
Maybe I was doing something wrong, but I couldn't seem to get it to work using any method including that which you suggested. However I did manage to get it to mesh nicely using the Paver. Now I have a new problem when writing the definition file it doesn't appear to complete, and infact it never actually does write a file to the specified folder. The last output line before CFX says it's finished is : Function CFX5_Write_Def_File.Apply_CB,Line Number 866

I don't know if this is any help in explaining whats going on, but it's certainly frustrating to get a model meshed, and the have the program fail to write the deffinition file. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Thanks Again,


Astrid October 3, 2001 16:27

Re: Definition File
Pffff. I'm out of options. I have never used the Paver. Start all over again with a different format than IGES. IGES format is far from ideal.

More than good luck, Astrid

Matthew Campbell October 4, 2001 02:26

Re: Definition File
Thank you Astrid, that's just what I decided to do, I went and rebuilt the model in Solidworks and imported it as an *.sci file and it works perfectly.

Thanks again for your help.


P.Fonteijn October 5, 2001 09:37

Re: Definition File
What kind of format is .sci? Is it a Solidworks format or STEPS or .....?

Regs, P. Fonteijn

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