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Yoshi October 4, 2001 06:35

Exceed 7.0 on Win 2000
I'm running CFX-4.4 on Win 2000. Since Exceed 6.1 does not work for CFX-4.4 on Win 2000, I installed Exceed 7.0. However, it still does not work. When I initiate enviro, I get the following messages

Messages from CFX-4 Environment


CFX-4 | Starting CFX-4.4 ...

CFX-4 | Using local CFX-4 control file. CFX-4 | Using local CFX-4 help file. CFX-4 | Cannot open connect stream.

CFX-4 | TRANS(SocketINETGetAddr): tnamebysocket() failed

CFX-4 | TRANS(SocketINETConnect): TRANS(SocketINETGetAddr) () failed

CFX-4 | TRANS(Open): transport open failed for tcp/localpc:0 CFX-4 |

CFX-4 | IP Error : In initialisation - could not open Display

CFX-4 | Finished.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem??

Thank you.

Michael Rasmussen October 4, 2001 08:12

Re: Exceed 7.0 on Win 2000
Hi Yoshi

I'm afraid that I cannot help you with your specific problem - other than to say that I'm using EXCEED on Windows 2000 with only minor problems (some warings without significance).



Astrid October 4, 2001 18:03

Re: Exceed 7.0 on Win 2000
Long time ago I had some problems with displaying Build/Meshbuild/CFX-View. I had to change something with colours. I think (it was 3 years ago) this was in the config menu of Exceed and then go to the colour/image/....-option. I had to switch something to 'pseudocolor'. Then everything worked fine.

Hope this helps....... Astrid

Yoshi October 5, 2001 07:44

Re: Exceed 7.0 on Win 2000
Hi Michael and Astrid

Thank you very much for you response. Unfortunately, my CFX4-4 still does not work very well.

With Exceed 6.1 on Windows 2000, CFX-Analyse would fail saying 'abnormal program termination' as already posted in this forum.

With Exceed 7.0 on Windows 2000, Enviro and CFX-Analyse would fail saying 'IP Error : In initialisation - could not open Display.'

I have reported this problem to the support members in CFX Japan. I hope I can get a solution.


Constantinos October 8, 2001 16:39

Re: Exceed 7.0 on Win 2000
Dear Yoshi.

I have noticed in the START warnings of CFX4.4 that cfx starts using local control.

I believe that this means that something happened to your current working directory . you have to create a new directory and copy CFX4.4 into it.You should do this in the exceed command prompt window using unix commands.






Ribeiro October 9, 2001 09:27

Re: Exceed 7.0 on Win 2000
Hi all

I have installed CFX-4.4 in Windows 2000 and at the first time I got this message. Later I realized that two things:

- It may because of you have root privileges or;

- There are something with the licensing at the server. In my case (the server was far from my machine) the clock was wrong. It could be seen in the file c:/cfx/licensing/Debug.log at the SERVER.

I hope this helps.

Yoshi October 10, 2001 03:37

Re: Exceed 7.0 on Win 2000
Hi Constantinos and Ribeiro

Thank you very much for your suggestions. However, it seems that they do not solve my problem......

A strange thing is that even I install Exceed 7.0 as administrator, this software name does not appear in the window of 'Installation and uninstallation of applications.'

Does this mean that the installation of Exceed 7.0 is not successfully completed? I got no error messages nor warnings during the installation.

Stuart October 10, 2001 05:35

Re: Exceed 7.0 on Win 2000
Yoshi, I've installed exceed7.0 successfully on a machine but did expereince some problems. I was installing CFX5.4.1 but think the exceed instalation steps should be the same.

Firstly are you using the CFX instilation manual ? if so do you find that the step by step guide does not match the software instalation guide ? This was the first problem I came across. Secondly I found that the software would install into its own directory, which wasn't the same as the directory prescribed by CFX. I changed the directory path to that stated in the CFX instilation manual and still the software did not work. Looking more closely at the path of the software I found that Exceed7 had installed in the prescribed directory, but it had then created its own sub-directory structure. I looked at an existing version of exceed6 installed on another machine, and just moved the exceed7 files to the correct directory (esentially copying the exceed6 format). It was a case of moving the files into the exceed.nt directory so that the CFX path could find the files.

I hope this is of some help and I'm not stating the obvious to you ??? Good luck Stuart

Yoshi October 11, 2001 06:09

Re: Exceed 7.0 on Win 2000
Hi, Stuart

Thank you for your suggestion. Anyway, at last I have succeeded in installing Exceed 7.0.

The problem was that I had chosen 'administrative installation' when I installed Exceed 7.0 The right choice is 'personal installation,' which I do not understand why it is so.

Now everything goes well. Thank you everybody!!

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