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Hamsdi October 4, 2001 17:15

Programming turbulence models (CFX 4.4)
Hello, I'm programming some turbulence models with the fortran USR interface of CFX 4.4

I read that there are "dummy cells" used internally by CFX to model boundary conditions (e.g. for walls).

It would be usefull to use these cells in my turbulence models as well, but I don't know how to adress them or work with them.

I would appreciate any hints concerning that topic.

Thanks in advance.

Fabian October 5, 2001 03:10

Re: Programming turbulence models (CFX 4.4)

DO 100 I=1,NPT





....... Dummy cell is stored in IDUMMY, active cell in IACTIVE. Hope this helps Fabian

mani mekala October 12, 2001 01:14

Re: Programming turbulence models (CFX 4.4)
i want some CFD codes relevent to heat transfer in gas turbine blades and combustor casings. please send me information where these are available by mani

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