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diego gao October 14, 2001 21:48

cfx-4 book
it's been a lot of time that i'm looking for a book handling fluid dynamics by using cfx-4 (or later) and ive never got it yet.

Sometime ive heared some about multiphase flow.

If you have any suggestion (Author/Title/HowToGetIt) please, answer me!

Best Regards

Herve October 15, 2001 04:17

Re: cfx-4 book

For CFX there are general Manuals (now online but that you can also buy as printed versions) which include physical models and mathematical descriptions, Course Notes and Advance Courses Notes (esp. in combustion/radiation/multiphase for the different advance courses) that you get when you attend these specialised courses. Ask your local vendor (ESSS eu acho) about these courses.


Ribeiro October 16, 2001 08:21

Re: cfx-4 book
There are some books that handle with CFD generally and, at same time, play the role of CFD codes introduce. The most popular is:

Versteeg & Malalasekera, An introduction to Computational Fluid dynamics.

It is easy to buy at and I did buy at

At you will face much more books that handle with multiphase flow.

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