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joseph October 18, 2001 15:14

post-processing problem!
hi every body

When i post process for pressure I get the relative,but I need the absolute value that is the reference pressure + relative pressure

can anyone help me with this?



P.Fonteijn October 18, 2001 15:48

Re: post-processing problem!
What type of CFX software? What kind of post processor?

joseph October 19, 2001 15:02

Re: post-processing problem!
I am working on cfx 5.4.1 and the preprocessor is visualise.

P.Fonteijn October 21, 2001 06:17

Re: post-processing problem!
Not possible.

Three options:

1) Only possible if you have defined an additional variable in CFX-Build, says Pabs which equals Pabs=P+Pref. Then this variable is available in CFX-Visualise.

2) use a different post processing package f.i. Fieldview

3) wait for CFX-Post.

Good luck

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