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Andy October 22, 2001 07:13

airfoil setup
Dear all

I have been using Fluent for the last 3 months however, due to certain reasons I am now starting to use CFX to model the same problems. I wondered if anybody could give advise on where to get information for setting up an airfoil and calculating all the usual stuff, like lift, drag, centre of pressure, separation, and transition. If you know of papers on this subject that describe the set-up and the type of mesh needed, especially for CFX it would be much appreciated.



Robin Steed October 22, 2001 14:15

Re: airfoil setup
Hi Andy,

If you search for "airfoil" on the CFX website you will get several links. Check out:

Prediction of Airfoil Characteristics for Wind Turbines Blades with CFX Alois P. Schaarczyk Laboratory for Computational Mechanics Mechanical Engineering Department University of Applied Sciences Kiel

Best regards, Robin

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