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henry October 29, 2001 10:35

integration to wall
Hi all,

can somebody please tell be the meaning of "integration to wall" in CFD and with respect solution accuracy.

thank you soo much



Herve October 29, 2001 13:25

Re: integration to wall
At high Re number in turbulence models, e.g. k-e, an algebraic wall functions is implemented to deal with the flow gradient in the region adjacent to the wall. The RANS are not integrated to the walls.

In other models such as Low Re k-e I think this isn't the case and wall damping functions are included in the transport equns for k and epsilon which are calculated to the wall.

This is related to your Re and should affect your choice of grid resolution (y+). See the textbook of Versteeg and Malasekera (1995) or other posts for a better explanation.

henry October 30, 2001 13:31

Re: integration to wall
thanks herve,could you please tell me the name of the text.

thank you henry

Herve October 31, 2001 04:13

Re: integration to wall
I suggested "An Introduction to CFD - The FV Method" by Versteeg and Malalasekera because it is a very well written general CFD texbook which cost around 20.00. But if you were looking at Low-k-e papers etc. The way the k and epsilon equations are modified for example (with damping function for their constants) should also be presented...

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