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beginer November 7, 2001 14:13

what are the steps of CFX?
Hello everyone! I am a freshman of using CFX. I want to know the steps of CFX running. For the information: What is the first step , which kind of files must be made in this step. What is the second step, and so on. ... I used the internet version CFX. I heard that I can use some command to let server computer computing the project without my instructing in the process. What are the commands? The manual is so confused that I cannot take it clearly.

Thank you very much.

P.Fonteijn November 7, 2001 17:06

Re: what are the steps of CFX?
What kind of software from CFX?

Internet version? You mean you have a floating licence?

What do you mean by commands? Either CFX 4 or 5 can be used with menus. Just make clicks with the mouse, hit the keyboard and run. Only experienced users use the commands, which is not difficult btw.

Pascale Fonteijn

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