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gilberto November 12, 2001 11:17

Frozen Rotor Interface (CFX 5.5)
Hi, guys,

Well, I have CFX 5.5, good!!!

The first problem has arised, just when I was about to get on with it.

I am running through the Feature Tutorial 12:FLOW IN AN AXIAL ROTOR/STATOR ARRANGEMENT. Well, I followed all the steps, and when I get to the point where you are creating the Interfaces, in the step when you create a FroZen Rotor Interface between the stator and the rotor, I create Domain Interface, Select type as Fluid-Fluid, and guess what??

The guide says "Select the Frame Change as Frozen Rotor, and the Transformation Type to Automatic", but, surprise surprise, I go to Frame Change, and I have the option "Frozen Rotor" disabled, I see it, but I cannot select it, if you know what I mean.

Why is that???Well, it is the turotial, I am supposed to do that easily, all right?I don't know what happens?Is it some error in the installation???

See if someone has done the same, or if someone knows what I am talikng about, I hope you can help me guys.

Kind regards,most of it to Jon,Herve,and Robin (how are you doing guys???)


cfd guy November 12, 2001 16:07

Re: Frozen Rotor Interface (CFX 5.5)
Hi gilberto,
Unfortunately, sometimes the tutorial files are not updated as the code is.
I migrated from Tascflow 2.10 to 2.11 and I can't even run a basic tutorial case using Fortran coding. What is wrong? My computer? The tutorial? Or the code which doesn't support earlier cases anymore? I guess not.

cfd guy

Robin Steed November 12, 2001 20:23

Re: Frozen Rotor Interface (CFX 5.5)
Hi Gilbert,

I suspect your fluid domains are not specified in different frames of reference. When that is the case, the frozen rotor option is disabled.

Go back to the domains form and make sure that your domain settings are correct.

Regards, Robin

gilberto November 14, 2001 06:17

Re: Frozen Rotor Interface (CFX 5.5)
Hi, Robin!!!

Thanks for your answer!!!

No, I am afraid my problem was another one. I didn't remember what you told me about MFR capabilities, and we have to pay to have this capability. I was yesterday at the European CFX Users Conference, in Birmingham, and I was told so.The thing is we had just started with 5.5 just last week,and we didn't remember to pay that.

By the way, do you know how much is the extra you have to pay to enable MFR capabilities???



Robin Steed November 14, 2001 22:07

Re: Frozen Rotor Interface (CFX 5.5)
Hi Gilberto,

Oh yeah! I forgot about that :p

You'll have to contact your CFX account manager or sales rep for pricing.

Regards, Robin

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