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Harold November 14, 2001 07:11

I am a newcomer in these discussions, and I have been reading some of the issues in here.

Are these things about CFX being up for sale true???

I am really confused, because every one of you says a different thing, but noone had denied that.

Is it also true that noone wants to buy it??

Mike November 14, 2001 07:48

Re: Rumours....
Yes, CFX is for sale, it was announced by AEA Technology plc a few months ago. Check out this press-release:

Here is a quote from it:

"The performance of the CFX business is improving and the Board expects to sell this business during the course of 2002."

It is not my impression that noone wants to buy CFX - it should be a very attractive buy. CFX has a strong position in a few key market segments, they have a very good team now and after a few tough years they are gaining market-share again. I'm sure that there are several potential buyers, although Sept 11 has made everyone extra careful. I would guess that CFX is a little too big to be bought by another CFD vendor, a private investment firm or a CAE company who wants to strengthen their CFD side is more likely - CFD is the fastest growing CAE area and today CFD stands for almost 30% of all revenues in the CAE market. I bet Ansys, MSC and others are looking at CFX. If one of these bought CFX it could be very good for CFX customers. If a CFD vendor bought CFX it would probably be bad for CFX users. Just my $0.02.

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