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Bram November 16, 2001 05:45

gradient IEEE error
Hi all,

I'm using CFX-4.3 for the purpose of combustion modelling. Therefor I'm solving some 'user scalar' equations. With a couple of these user scalars CFX gives a 'IEEE invalid operation' (no overflow or division by zero) as soon as the gradient of the scalars is called with the routine GRADS. What might be a cause of this and what are possible solutions?

Thanks for your patience, Bram

Fabian November 19, 2001 04:07

Re: gradient IEEE error
I think you have to call the subroutine DELWRK before you leave the subroutine. You have to call the subroutine only once with the first field, you set by SETWRK as argument. Fabian

Bram November 21, 2001 05:43

Re: gradient IEEE error Solved
Hi there,

The problem is solved. Just a stupid coding error. But thanks for the reaction.

cheers, Bram

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