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lfs November 19, 2001 09:35

what do i need?
i am a newer to use CFX,what should i learn first?something about the mathematics,the specialities,or something about the computer?wellcome to tell me.

lfs November 19, 2001 09:37

Re: what do i need?
and how can i know how the cfx to solve the user function?

gilberto November 19, 2001 10:28

Re: what do i need?
Hi, mate!!!

As an advice, I would recommend you to go through the manual, reading it carefully, and go through the introductory tutorials, bacause they show you quite effectively how the program works.Then you can start playing around a little bit to build your own stuff.

If you have any problems, the most effective advice I can give you is to contact CFX support people.They are helpful experts, and they can be of great help.

Hope this can help you a little bit,mate!



Astrid November 19, 2001 10:43

Re: what do i need?
I would recommend to find someone in your neighbourhood who is an (experienced) user. Talk and learn! Not that is is really nessecary but this can speed up things a lot and reduces the amount of frustration! Even better: take a course in CFX.

Good luck, Astrid

gilberto November 19, 2001 10:47

Re: what do i need?
Well,actually, you are right,Astrid, the best thing would be to take a course in CFX.It will speed up your learning process a lot.

There are some courses the first days of December, in Harwell,UK,so if you want to speed it up,go there and get on with the program!!!



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