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CFX new user November 21, 2001 14:30

Import plot3d grid file

I have a number of grid belonging to different problems and I would like to test the those problems in CFX5.

I have imported the grid, but how does I place boundary conditions on this grid.

Do I have to make surfaces where the inlet and outlet boundaries are ?

Or how to proceed. The manuals does not help much.


New user.

Patrick November 24, 2001 17:10

Re: Import plot3d grid file
Boundary conditions and source specifications can be placed on predefined 2D regions and 3D regions respectively.

If you are using volume mesh import mode to import a mesh from another source, you need to make sure that the appropriate regions have been defined in your source file before importing into CFX-5.

A word of warning here also - support for the PLOT3D format has been dropped for CFX-5.5 (release imminent). My recommendation would be to either convert your files to a more universally supported format if you can, or create Definition Files containing your PLOT3D mesh in CFX-5.4.1. These files can then be imported into CFX-5.5 in the same way as other mesh source files.

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