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User November 22, 2001 04:57

Mass flow rate
Dear all

When using the boundary condition

inlet - > Mass Flow rate (kg /s-1)

How are this b.c applied to the surface/domain ?

Does it automatically covert to velocity at the inlet ?

Thanks in advance.



Dan Williams November 27, 2001 17:30

Re: Mass flow rate
Which code? In both CFX-5 and CFX-TASCflow the inlet mass flow is applied locally at each integration point on the inlet after it is scaled by the total area of the boundary condition patch to get the mass flow per unit area: mdot,pua. Once you have that number then you simply set mdot,ip = mdot,pua * Aip. This way your total mass flow is distributed nicely across the entire boundary condition patch. Im not sure about CFX-4 but it probably does something similar.


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