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newbie November 23, 2001 15:23

particles in CFX
Hi all.

I am considering CFX as an alternative to my actual simulation software but I would like to know its strengths and weakness before buying. For me its important multiphase flow and particle tracking.



R.Ansah November 23, 2001 16:55

Re: particles in CFX
I am in the same boat as you, however, based on my 'mini' review of the two major contenders (CFX 4 and Fluent 4) then CFX 4.4 it is - no arguments!!!

I've read the literature pertaining to gas - solid fluidisation and two - fluid Eulerian - Eulerian models, if a commercial code had been used, it was CFX 4, not Fluent! However, Fluent is popular with regards to circulating beds i.e. dispersed particle systems.

I've spoken to numerous people who have used CFX and Fluent for the same problem... CFX gets the thumbs up every time.

Basically, the code is much more 'open' than Fluent 4, it has loads of models and the support is excellant!

Exactly what are you intending to model?

newbie November 26, 2001 17:39

Re: particles in CFX
Hi, thanks for your reply. I mainly work in paked bed reactors, for that subject fluent 4 was just not suitable for my needs. I did it with an research software. But also I'm interested in small scale simulations. My problem consists in simulating small particles in a liquid that aproaches a sphere. I'm interested in counting how many of them impact in the spheres when they're under several forces. Until now I haven obtained any physically feasible results, and that's annoying. I would like to explore CFX.

Thnx again And bes regards Newbie

Stuart November 27, 2001 10:16

Re: particles in CFX
Hi Newbie, if I were you I'd speak to the guys at CFX as they are very helpfull and will advise you accordingly as to if their software meets all your requirments.

We have just started using the particle tracking in the latest version of CFX - cfx5.5. This is one of there newest features in the unstructured code and does not come as a standard application, and is as yet uncoupled with the flow field.

However the structured version of the code CFX4 has had particle tracking implemented for many years and is very advanced.

Our use of particle tracking is mainly within complicated geometries, where the requirement of an unstructured mesh is of more importance to us rather than an advanced particle tracking routine.

As Ansah mentioned, the support at CFX is excellent and that in itself is worth a great deal. Good luck Stuart

newbie November 29, 2001 15:27

Re: particles in CFX
Thanks Stuart I will call the CFX people, anyway the version 5.5 is out of the question and I will enquire about version 4. Thanks


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