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Haribort November 26, 2001 21:19

A question about two phases fluid of air-liquid !
Hi,everyone! I'm working on a project,using CFX4.3, about two phases fluid of air-liquid.It is necessary that air and liquid have two different outlets.You know that the two phases flow mixed. How should i do to solve it ? Waiting for your help! Thanks!

arjun s y November 28, 2001 00:26

Re: A question about two phases fluid of air-liqui
treating two phase sometimes confuse ... for example when you solve coal combustion ... for us coal is one phse i.e. solid where as air is another phase .. but we solve it as a single phase flow. why? the reason is : for solver single phase is where it can assume same properties such as temp. etc. that means at the perticular position in space the temp. will be same as fluid and for coal ... so it is single phase flow .. same happens when you burn oil .. it is aslo taken as single phase ... so you find out what you actually want to do .. are interphase calculations important then go for 2 phase flow otherwise it will be modelled by single phase flow .. please try to dilate on what you want


Haribort November 28, 2001 03:04

Re: A question about two phases fluid of air-liqui
Hi,arjun,thanks for your helping firstly. My project is about air rabbing,so ,you know,i must treat it as 2 phases.Air is insufflated into bottom of liquid,and then liquid is mixed.The mixed liquid flow out,and air is into environment.Since the two phases' outlets are different,so i must let air separate from liquid after it finish its rabbing.

So may you give me some advice about this question? Thanks a lot again!

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