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bapi November 29, 2001 03:12

problem in mass flow boundary
hello every one

1.I got a problem. I have fixed the mass flow rate at outlet by mass flow boundary and it is 53kg/sec.after running the program i found that it is 63.85 kg/sec.Why i am getting like this.My problem involves turbulent flow with particle transport and combustion.I am using K-e model with eddy break up model

2.does anyboby has the idea about massfraction1,massfraction2,massfraction3 and massfraction4 in CFX4.4

arjun s y November 30, 2001 01:04

Re: problem in mass flow boundary
it depends on which model you are using say for eddy break up model solves for

combustionscalar1 is mixture fraction (F) and mass fraction1 is mass fraction of fuel.


bapi December 3, 2001 23:47

Re: problem in mass flow boundary
Dear arjun

thank you for your reply.Actually I am using eddy break up model for combustion.I did not understand your answer clearly.would you please explain it ?Actually I want 53 kg/sec flue gas from the outlet boundary and I define that as mass flow boundary but I am getting 63kg/sec.thankyou again for your reply


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