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cfd guy November 29, 2001 11:51

IPALL giving NULL values
Hi everybody,
I know there may be time consuming for you to read this post but, here I go.
Have anyone ever noticed a possible fail in the IPALL utility routine in CFX-4? I'm meaning this because I defined a region (USER2D), which is located exactly in an interblock boundary, in CFX-BUILD, and when I submit the job using USRTRN, in the output file I got null values of every properties I want to print in that region [i.e U(INODE,1)=V(INODE,1)=W(INODE,1)=P(INODE,1)=0.000, where 1 is my default phase, air]. I'm running two cases with two different geometry and is a gas-solid flow with a grid containing less than 12k cells.
The funny part is, some days ago I did the same thing with another grid and did work very well, I could obtain every property I wanted, but now I'm not able to extract the information recquired. And another thing, when I check those values, IPALL gives me correct AREA without giving me the correct values. My utility routine is showed below, it is an area weighted average pressure of phase 1 (my example was extracted and changed from the manual).

PSUM = 0.
DO 201 I=1,NPT

As I said, IPALL prints the correct total area on my USER2D (TAREA variable) and if I put a write(6,*) in the loop's middle, every property has null value. I have checked and changed several things in the fortran file and the grid, but I could not obtain any success.
Sorry for the long message, but any suggestions will be really appreciated.
Kind regards,
cfd guy

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