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gilberto December 5, 2001 07:05

Printing plots to file in POST
Hi everyone,

My question is:How do you change the background of the plots in POST so you can print it to a file properly??

I've changed the background in Edit-Options,but then you also have to change the legend,and text if you typed some.Is there not a direct thing like in Visualise?

And another question, related to that,why are the plots that I print so out of brightness and contrast.Is the program not supposed to print it exactlky as you see it???

Hope you can help me, mates,


Robin Steed December 5, 2001 20:54

Re: Printing plots to file in POST
Hi Gilberto,

If you want presentation quality plots, you should export the data you are interested in plotting to a text file and read it into a spreadsheet.

The export option allows you to export one or more variables on one or more objects (polyline, slice plane, sampling plane, surface...) and delimeter them with whatever character you wish.

Regards, Robin

Dr. A.S. PANWALKAR December 13, 2001 02:29

Re: Printing plots to file in POST
Hi Gilberto,

If you are talking of printing plots in CFX-TASCFLOW, then the following applies. Select 'Print Image File' option under 'File' Menu. A 'Print' pop-up panel will appear. Select 'Reverse Video' option in this panel. Select proper file type (e.g. JPG, BMP, PNG etc.) as per your choice. And then print.

If you see this file picture will have white background.

(Dr.A.S.PANWALKAR) DGM(CFD) Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. Corporate R&D, Vikasnagar, Hyderabad, INDIA.

gilberto December 13, 2001 05:51

Re: Printing plots to file in POST
Hi, mate!!!

Thanks for your response,but I was meaning CFX-Post, as the post-processor in CFX5.5. However, I will look if I have that option in there.



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