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Dr. A.S. PANWALKAR December 13, 2001 02:38

Printing plots in POWERMESH?
Hi everyone,

I use ICEM POWERMESH software for grid generation. It has geometry creation module DDN and grid generation module PCUBE. I wish to create picture files for the plots of model generated in DDN. The plot file should also be in the format acceptable in MS-PowerPoint. How to create?


Judd Kaiser December 18, 2001 11:44

Re: Printing plots in POWERMESH?
I've made many pictures of DDN and P-Cube over the years. I've always done it using the 'quick and dirty' method of taking screen shots. The mechanism differs depending on the hardware platform. I've used "snapshot" on SGI. For PC's, the quickest mechanism is to use Alt-Prnt Scrn (with your focus in the DDN or P-Cube window), and then go to an imaging program (MS Paint is one example) and use Ctrl-V to paste the image for further editing. You can also paste directly into PPT using Ctrl-V if you don't need to edit the image.

Dr. A.S. PANWALKAR December 19, 2001 03:51

Re: Printing plots in POWERMESH?
Thank you Mr. Kaiser for your response to my query. You have aptly termed the method as 'quick and dirty'. I hope Powermesh supplier also see this message and comment on it. We have also resorted to use the same method.

Dr. Panwalkar

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