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cfd guy December 17, 2001 15:38

CFX codes in Linux (again).
Hi everybody,
I know there's a previous discussion about this topic but I'd like to open it again. So, we are very interested to run CFX codes (CFX-4, CFX-5 and Tascflow, CFX-4 most wanted). We had just received the brand new copy of CFX-5.5 and I noticed that it runs in the RedHat 7.1 distribution. As a beginner in Linux I'd like to know if this version can be run in another distribution, for example Slackware, Conectiva, Debian, Suse, etc), and what can I do for it? This question also applies to CFX-4.
Regards, cfd guy

Sinjae December 17, 2001 17:00

Re: CFX codes in Linux (again).

What kind of FORTRAN compiler should I need to run CFX on NT machine?



Drona December 20, 2001 06:38

Re: CFX codes in Linux (again).
In my knowledge, you don't need any compiler as long as you don't need to use your own models through user Fortran subroutines. If you want to include your your source code, you need Visual C++ and Visual Fortran v 5.0 or later.

But, the CFX support is always the final authority to answer such questions

Hope it helps


matej forman January 11, 2002 14:18

Re: CFX codes in Linux (again).

It is probably on CFX support to answer such a question. I haven't tried it yet, but as far as i know - you shoud be able tu run CFX on Mandrake and SUSE as those distributions are very close to Redhat. You may have some minor problems with some libraries but i thing you can solve it by installing libraries needed or to adjust the pathes to some of them as diferent distributions sometimes has things on different places. (I am going to try to giv CFX a try on mandrake so i'll report my experiences.

for the user routines (for CFX4) the portland fortran compiler is recomended. I couldn't get the answer if it is working with others - like absoft or lahey.

If anyone has any experinece with CFX4 on linux - please do share them! thanks.


Ribeiro January 30, 2002 13:58

Re: CFX codes in Linux (again).
I have worked with CFX in Redhat and Mandrake distributions very well. Indeed, both are very similar. I didn't know if the CFX runs propery in other distributions but it seems that SUSE is other posible option.

The Fortran compiler in Linux must be the Portland Group Fortran Compiler. The CFX uses some libs that has particular variables and functions. I tried GNU and didn't work.


matej forman January 30, 2002 14:17

Re: CFX codes in Linux (again).

Ribeiro is right.

I run the CFX now on mandrake - no problem at all. Just it is sad that the build is not working so you need another system to build the geometry.

The compiler -- i was trying absoft, but no chance. THe portland is necessary. There is free 15 day trial at portland site for test.

I have some problems with openGL functions on Linux box when working with build on sun or sgi remotely. i have got openGL drivers for my nvidia card, everything is working - it just gets stack from time to time and i have got the errors that some functions are not implemented. But one can live with it.



Ribeiro February 1, 2002 17:58

Re: CFX codes in Linux (again).

Matej, do you believe that these problems with OpenGL are because of the drive of video card or the system kernel?


matej February 2, 2002 07:38

Re: CFX codes in Linux (again).

I tried two kernels, 2.4.3-20 which goes with mandrake and the latest one 2.4.17 with the nvidia modules but there was no difference. It just does not work with framebuffer video setting so my console is ugly. Then i upgraded the Xserver from mandrake 8.0 original one to latest 4.1 and than it starts to work. With a lot of errors to the terminal, but it works at least. The build complanes about unsupported functions, so it is probably the glx driver. I haven't find the way for build to tell him to use software or hardware graphics. I found it for analyse but not for build.


Julian February 21, 2002 05:22

Re: CFX codes in Linux (again).
I have a PC running Red Hat 7.1 which I wanted to use for CFX. Having read the installation documentation about the required compiler I thought I would ask CFX why I cannot use the GNU compiler under Linux. Here is the reply I recieved from the helpdesk


CFX-4.4 needs the Portland Group compiler pgf90 3.2-4 and will not work with the g77 compiler. This is because the executables were created using the Portland Group compiler, so user Fortran compiled with the g77 compiler will not link correctly. You must get the Portland Group compiler for CFX-4.4.

CFX-5.5 on the other hand was compiled with the g77 compiler and user Fortran must be compiled with this to link properly.

cfd guy February 21, 2002 10:11

Re: CFX codes in Linux (again).
Hi Julian,
Too bad that we must satisfy this condition for CFX-4. Do you know how much is a Portland compiler ? We tested both CFX-4 and CFX-5 on a Slackware system, both Solvers at first instace worked fine but the CFX-4 Analyse did not work, must be due a library, I don't know. We did not test any coding in CFX-5 using Linux.
Regards, cfd guy

Julian February 21, 2002 10:20

Re: CFX codes in Linux (again).
The prices for the portland compilers can be found on the portland group web page

Prices for one machine start at $500 plus annual fee of $125 (prices in US dollars)

According to an earlier message on this thread (matej forman , Wed, 30 Jan 2002, 11:17 a.m) there is a free trial download

Robin February 24, 2002 00:50

Re: CFX codes in Linux (again).
CFX-5 also need the Portland Group compiler. The GNU compiler is incomplete and therefor cannot be used.


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