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Astrid December 18, 2001 17:54

2D in CFX 5.5
Hi all,

I am trying to perform a 2D-simulation in CFX 5.5. Pfffff. How to obtain a decent 2D-grid with one element in z-direction? Is that possible?

(I tried a tet-mesh. The problem is that the geometry is large (3 meter) and contains small objects ( 2 cm). When I follow the rules I should make the length in z-direction equal to the smallest mesh size in the x-y-plane which is the 2 cm divided by a seeding of 20 elements making 1 mm. This is too small for the total geometry of 3 meter. I get the error that the internal angles are too small. I can imagine why.)

Any suggestion? Astrid

steve December 18, 2001 18:12

Re: 2D in CFX 5.5
In my opinion hexahedral meshes are needed for the problem.

I believe you can use the Pactran tools in build 5.5 (mesh only mode) to generate hexahedral meshes. I haven't used this, I just saw it as a feature. Perhaps only simple geometries will be suitable.

The other option is to import a build 4.3 hex mesh (if you have this), or get cfx-hexa.

All the best, Steve

Astrid December 18, 2001 18:20

Re: 2D in CFX 5.5
As you might have notice in message (2), I have tried the Patran Mesh-only mode, but could not define patches.

I have CFX 4.4, but then I get a sructured mesh. This is not too bad but I wanted to use an unstructured mesh as the geometry is complex, even in 2D.

Thanx. Astrid

steve December 18, 2001 18:40

Re: 2D in CFX 5.5
You must have posted your message as I was writing mine.

So are you taking a hybrid approach then, or a paved-type mesh?

Looking at my 5.5 notes for the Patran meshing you need to create 2D groups for boundary conditions and export both mesh and geometry.

Good luck, Steve

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