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Michael Rasmussen December 21, 2001 10:01

OpenGL - PC to PC

Although this is not specific for CFX - the problem arises when we use CFX. Maybe there is a CFX user who know the solution.

We are trying to get CFX5.5 to work on a remote PC. The system is that we have 10 barebone PC's connected to our network. From our offices, we can the remotely operate them over the network, using a remote controle program called NetOp. The idea is that we can acess the PC's and perform calculations without having them in our offices (nice and silent). The screen we see is excatly the same as we where physical sitting at the PC. This works fine with CFX4.2 - CFX4.4 as they in the basic configuration does not use OpenGl for graphics. However there is no way around OpenGL when using CFX5.5.

I do not know of any remote control programs (NetOp, Pcanywhere, RemoteExplorer) which support transfer of OpenGl over the network.

Is there anybody who have an idea for solving this ?

Regards Michael

(Ps: we cannot use Xwin32 to connect to the remote PC's, as they are running NT4.0)

Robin Steed January 2, 2002 22:03

Re: OpenGL - PC to PC
Hi Michael,

You can disable hardware rendering in CFX-Build by selecting Preferences>Graphics and de-selecting the hardware rendering checkbox.

Regards, Robin

Michael Rasmussen January 7, 2002 11:31

Re: OpenGL - PC to PC
Thanks Robin

- Saved the day !

Regards Michael

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