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Jens January 15, 2002 05:51

Fire simulation with CFX 5
Dear all

Does anyone have a check list for using CFX (CFD software) for fire simulations ?

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards


Jan Rusås January 15, 2002 08:28

Re: Fire simulation with CFX 5
Dear Jens,

Do you mean a list - how to do ---- and what to check.

You could try to contact brandteknisk institut in Denmark, I know they use CFX and imagine that they have (or should have) som experience in fire simulation. Maybe they will give you some hints.

Good Luck

Rhydar March 4, 2002 06:44

Re: Fire simulation with CFX 5
There is an article in FIRE SAFETY JOURNAL 35 2000 51-61. "Exploratory modelling of pool fire instabilities without cross-wind" Author: Y.L Sinai. It might help. PDF available on AEA home page -- I think.

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