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krishna January 17, 2002 12:48

creating holes in solids
I am working on cfx-5.4.1 I have to crete a geometry with a hole in a solid(Take as cube with a hole drilled on to one face).This hole does not extend upto the base. Had the hole extend upto full length, I could have made my top and bottom trimmed surfaces and joined by B-Rep. How can I accomplish this task?

Neale January 17, 2002 21:14

Re: creating holes in solids
I think you can just create an XYZ solid for the cube. Then create another B-rep solid in the shape of the hole, say a cylinder by just extruding a circle and then making two trimmed surfaces on the end. Finally use the cylinder as a "cutout" solid when you make your final B-rep.

Another approach would be to create the entire B-rep from scratch. i.e, make 4 sides by first extruding a square, then a 2 curve surface for the 5th side. Then make a 2 curve surface for the sixth side and turn it in to a trimmed surface (as you mention) with a circle on it. Then finally, extrude that circle to whatever depth you want, and then make a final trimmed surface at the other end of the cylinder. Make the final b-rep by selecting all of the surfaces.

There are probably other ways to do it but these are two of them.


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