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gilberto January 21, 2002 10:43

How to model a real Stator/Rotor arrangement
Hi, everyone,

Well, I keep on working, and I haven't solved some of the problems I was having earlier, maybe because of my misunderstanding, or lack of knowledge, I don't know.

My main problem is a rotor /stator arrangement, and all of it is inside a pipe, that has to stay stationary. I am using CFX5.5, and my main problem is how to define a volumetric mesh suitable for my kind of problem. Do you know how to get into the "Mesh Only" mode,just to create a mesh, so #I can import it in Build???

The difficult thing also is how to define the actual volumetric space around my blades. I have my rotor and my stator drawn in Build, and the question, the difficult problem is:How in the world can I create a volumetric space around my blades, how can I define it, and then, how can I make it interact with the surrounding pipe that should be stationary in the problem?????

If anyone knows how to do it, or you have any problems understanding my drawing, I could send you a copy of my database, so you can see it, and give me an apprpriate solution.

Thanks a lot,


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