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HGG January 28, 2002 16:48

CFX5.5 on laptop?
Dear all anyone have experienced running CFX5.5 or 4.4 on laptop? is it possible to install CFX on laptop? what is requirement for hardware and software? Thanks!

Astrid January 28, 2002 17:05

Re: CFX5.5 on laptop?
Of course it is possible. Just buy the fastest configuration (If possible: dual Pentium III or IV, 20 GB harddisk, 1 GB memory). Windows 2000 or Windows NT will do.

However, I would not recommend to use a laptop because calculations might take long (especially CFX 4.4). A laptop is usually used only for short periods (on travel) or for presentations. Not for massive calculations. Then you better buy several reliable Pentium IV! CFX 5 works perfectly in parallel on these machines.


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