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omondi January 30, 2002 04:16

Application Example 1
hi alll,

I am using cfx4.4 to model a draft tube bubble column (Appliaction example 1). I have maneget to reproduce the example model, however, when I chang the the column diameter to 1 instead of the 0.1, all other parameters remaining constant, the solver tels me that "the patch name WALL_TOP has not been defined in model topology". I find this strange, because I have verified in the build model, the WALL_TOP is indeed there and correctly specified just like in the application example. Where I am I going wrong? Please help.

thanks omondi

omondi January 31, 2002 12:15

Re: Application Example 1
Hi All, thanking those who took their time to read this... I have now found where the problem was.

regards omondi

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