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Jennifer Haque January 31, 2002 13:43

CFX5 build question

I am fairly new to CFX5. I have built a geometry in cfx5, but when I try to create a solid b-rep it comes up with the following error.

''A gap exists between two of the faces in the body'' This may be due to edges not matching directly or a missing face. Use Edit/Surface/Edge match to close the gaps.

Now I have tried edit/surface/edge match, but this time I can't seem to solve the problems. Does anyone have any ideas???


Astrid January 31, 2002 17:08

Re: CFX5 build question
- Sometimes it helps to increase the geometry tolerance from default 0.001 to 0.01 or 0.05.

- when matching surface A on B does not work, you can try to match surface B on A.

Good luck, Astrid

Robin February 1, 2002 00:22

Re: CFX5 build question
Hi Jennifer,

Check if you have a duplicate surface in your list, and ensure that the surfaces you have selected all meet at edges. The former is a common problem, usually introduced by forgetting to delete the original surface when creating trimmed surfaces.

Regards, Robin

Ragnhild Halden February 5, 2002 07:13

Re: CFX5 build question
Try edit-surface-sew. This usually works when I get the same error message. Just choose the two surfaces in question, hit apply, and try to create the b-rep again. Good luck! Ragnhild

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