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Prospective User January 31, 2002 16:42

Geometry generation
I have been investigating the possibility of learning the CFX family of software. One of my biggest concerns is the ability to model our geometry. It is relatively complex with multiple different internal passageways. Has anyone successfully modeled similar parts in CFX-Build? Does anyone out there prefer to use a CAD reader to input their geometry?

P.Fonteijn January 31, 2002 17:16

Re: Geometry generation
Using CFX-5 we can fairly easy create unstructured grids from complex geometries. For structured grids we have good experiences with ICEM CFD. CAD? Solidworks, ProE, Iges, it is all possible..


Robin February 1, 2002 00:19

Re: Geometry generation
Dear Prospective User,

CFX-Build, the pre-processor for CFX-5 is based upon MSC.Patran(TM) and has a complete set of solid modeling tools. So you could create your geometry entirely within Build.

That said, if you already have a CAD package you should really stick with what you have and import the CAD to Build. This will ensure that your maintain the highest fidelity to your original design. Build has a long list of CAD import capabilities, so it should be able to accommodate your other package.

It really comes down to which CAD package you can work most effectively in.

Regards, Robin

Daniel Suasnabar February 4, 2002 00:50

Re: Geometry generation
In relation to the second comment. You can use any CAD package as long as you can import the geometry into Build. You may require an additional license to convert your geometry format. Check the available formats in your CAD package and see whether you can import into Build. If not, there are two options: pay additional license for the converter or change to any other CAD package such as Solid Works. With this you can export geometry in parasolid that Build can handle without the need of paying for additional license.



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