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Jennifer Haque February 4, 2002 06:13

2d geometry
Hi everyone,

Does anyone know how I would generate a 2d geometry on cfx5.

Please let me know.


henry February 4, 2002 06:45

Re: 2d geometry

you can do that but you will need to generate a 3d solid and specify the side walls as symmetric boundaries. that is how it is down in CFX.and you can keep this thicknes as small as you waant.


Astrid February 4, 2002 09:03

Re: 2d geometry
The following discussions might help:


Robin February 4, 2002 14:51

Re: 2d geometry
Hi Jennifer,

You can switch the mesher to a 2D mode. Check out this FAQ for details.

Regards, Robin

Neale February 4, 2002 19:07

Re: 2d geometry
2D problems in CFX-5 are solved by:

1) Creating a mesh with a single layer of 3D elements.

2) Defining the transverse boundaries as symmetry planes.

You have 2 options for grid generation in CFX-5:

1) Switch the mesher into 2D mode. See the posting by Robin for more details on that.

2) Use the native patran meshing tools in CFX-Build. You have to start Build in meshing only mode, and then select the patran mesher from the Tools menu I think?? I can't recall exactly. It's really easy though.


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