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Jennifer Haque February 6, 2002 06:20


I have got the following error coming up when I try to create/surface/trimmed.

''curves to be chained are not contiguous due to a gap of 0. The point of discontinuity has been marked''

What does this mean?

Can anyone help?


stuart February 7, 2002 09:55

Re: error
Hi Jennifer, this usually means that there's a gap in your curves. There are usually more than one way to create things in Build, and sometimes one option works better than another. Have you already chained your outer and inner curves ?? if so did you pick the edges of a surface to create your chained curve or just explicit curves. Try one or the other. If you still can't creat a chained curve then use show/point/location to check that the end points of curves match up, or even zoom right in to the ends of the curves to check they exist at the same location (use the zoom + and - buttons to get real close). Any other questions just email me, good luck Stuart

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