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Rhydar February 6, 2002 06:43

Floating Error (65)
Hi all, Am trying to model atmospheric flow above a heated dessert, 5000mx5000m. 2D Axisymetric. Using USRBCS and USRINT to specify variable pressure and temperature on pressure boundary and initial guess. Buoyancy, Turbulent and Heat Transfer. Am getting an error (65) floating invalid Fortran runtime error. Can anyone tell me where in the CFX 4.4 coding this can occur and how to solve it?? Will be greatly appreciated as it is driving me crazy!!

Astrid February 6, 2002 08:04

Re: Floating Error (65)
This occurs in your own code. Somewhere you have made an error, letting some values go to infinity.

Advice: use several write statements to monintor values during the iteration process. The nyou can locate the errors easily.


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