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Jennifer Haque February 8, 2002 05:58

running programs

I am running programs on cfx5.5, at the moment I run them interactively. How do you run them in batches? Does anyone know?

Regards Jennifer

Neale February 12, 2002 02:36

Re: running programs
In UNIX, write a shell script and simply call cfx5solve directly:

cfx5solve -def <definitionfile> -ini <resfile>

etc.... In NT write a batch file instead and insert the same commands. Any decent MS-DOS book will explain batch files, and any computer book store or library will have a book on UNIX shell scripts. Or just go "man sh" or "man csh" to see how to do it.

I think that there was another thread on this last year. Search the forum archives if you want.


Herve February 13, 2002 09:48

Re: running programs
Write a script such as <cfxroot>/cfx5solve -def case.def -ini <ini.def or ini.res> etc... and run it in your current directory. If you want to know all the extensions to the solver do a cfx5solve -help in the command line.

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