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Bogesz February 14, 2002 11:00

CFX-5.5: Meshing subdomain with inflation
Simple geometry: large cylindrical flow volume with volumetric heat source in the first half, that's why I need a subdomain. This subdomain fills the whole volume in the first part of the fluid-domain and the fluid after exiting the subdomain flows on through the rest of the cylinder. I need inflated boundary on all the inner walls of this geometry but Build doesn't make me a def file. (for example if I wan't to use the "Type: Bound Conditions" with "Select Current Walls" option) Most common error message: surface volume is self intersecting

Looking forward to your help



Robin February 14, 2002 19:43

Re: CFX-5.5: Meshing subdomain with inflation

Have you tried selecting the surfaces, rather than using the boundary condition option? Give it a try with only a few surfaces first. Sometimes there may be a single surface that is giving you grief, when excluded you can at least get inflation on the rest.

Also, have you downloaded the recent patches from ftp site?


Bogesz February 15, 2002 05:27

Re: CFX-5.5: Meshing subdomain with inflation
Thanks but for both question my answer is yes... My experience is that the problem is with the subdomain stuff. If I leave some space (very litte is enough) between the end of the subdomain and the inflated part of the rest (so it looks like [inflated subdomain]..[the rest with inflation]) it's ok but it is very ugly...

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