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Sjoerd Romkes February 15, 2002 08:26

Transient animation performance in CFX 5.5 POST
Hi CFX-newbies and specialists!

Who can help me creating animations (MPGs) of transient simulations in CFX's new Post processor POST? In Visualise, for MPG creation, there was an option of setting initial and last-run transient results file to load, in order to create a movie of the full transient run. As far as I know, this option has vanished in POST! Ouch!

I have been using CFX 5.3 and 5.4 and now the latest release 5.5. In the past I did no transient simulations, so I am new in this field.

Regards, Sjoerd

Neale February 18, 2002 01:08

Re: Transient animation performance in CFX 5.5 POS
Hi Sjoerd,

This feature is definitely available in CFX-Post. You have to use the keyframe animation panel. Unfortunately this panel is poorly designed and not particularily intuitive to figure out. I think that the basic idea is that you 1) Create a keyframe at the first timestep in your animation 2) Create a keyframe at the last timestep for your animation, then at the bottom of the panel enter the number of frames you want (set this equal to the number of time steps).

Maybe someone who knows more details can correct me.


Sjoerd Romkes February 18, 2002 06:41

Re: Transient animation performance in CFX 5.5 POS
Hi Neale,

Thanks for your reply. It worked!

You are right; the keyframe editor/animation panel is not very intuitive. I already tried earlier what you described in your reply, but it did not work properly *at first*. So, I had written a Perl script to automate generating keyframes (via the session-file expression language), as I understood that every time step needed a separate keyframe, when I read you reply and gave it another try. Guess what: it works now! I don't know why the transient animation didn't work in the first time, as I did the same thing. In my opinion, the CFX help files should contain more detailed information about this.

I am using the MS Windows version of Post, and it apparently has some bugs in this animation part. For example, the loading of the transient files after a finished simulation need to be in a certain directory\folder (for example, in a 200 timestep transient run: ...\200_full\ ), which is not created by the Solver or SolverManager. Another example, the option-panel from the animation needs two cancel-clicks in order to close it. Well, still some work needed on this Post processor.

Regards, Sjoerd

Neale February 20, 2002 03:03

Re: Transient animation performance in CFX 5.5 POS
Great! I'm glad it's working for you. This is the first release of CFX-Post and there are sure to be bugs which will crop up. Given that I think what CFX has put together here in a post processor is quite impressive and has a lot of potential.


Sjoerd Romkes February 22, 2002 13:47

Re: Transient animation performance in CFX 5.5 POS

I agree that Post is much better and more stable than Visualise and indeed has lot of potential.

Regards, Sjoerd

cheche December 23, 2010 06:49


Thanks for the reply!
I've been playing around with the chart tool but haven't been able to obtain x,y,z values for my maxVal.

Do you think you help me out a bit with the script, I've never used this method before?

Also I read I could achieve this using a FORTRAN subroutine, any ideas/help on this?

once again thanks in advance!

bhatiadinesh December 23, 2010 07:45

Message Deleted - I couldnt delete the post :confused:
Sorry !!

magguss1337 February 4, 2013 11:29

for all who still got problems with the keyframe animations here is an step by step explanation, sadly in german though:

itachi1002 February 5, 2013 15:53

thenk's for the help guys :D:D:D

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