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Jennifer Haque February 18, 2002 11:30

Boundary conditions

I was wondering if anyone knows how you apply more than one boundary condition such as velocity to one surface.

Another question, if I draw a geometry with the full 360 degrees but only want to simulate over 90 degrees, do I redraw only 90 degrees or is a way of specifying over what portion you want to carry out a simulation.


Neale February 19, 2002 03:03

Re: Boundary conditions
If your using CFX-5 then you could create a CEL expression for velocity which varies across the boundary surface.

As for the second question, if you've done this in CFX-5 then you need to recreate the geometry and remesh. You should be able to just reopen the old database and all you settings will be remembered. If you had thought you might want to do this ahead of time then you could have created your geometry as four 90 degree subvolumes, then you would only need to delete 3 of the volumes and redefine the fluid domain.


Robin February 24, 2002 00:41

Re: Boundary conditions
Hi Jennifer,

1) What do you mean by more than one boundary condition?

2) Break your original model into multiple solids. When you select the bounding solids in the domains form, select only the segment you want to model. If you need the remaining segments later, you can simply modify you domains again.


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