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cfd guy February 18, 2002 16:05

HEXA: 2D grids on Tascflow.
Hi everyone,
I was wonder if there's a way to create grids for Tascflow starting from 2-D blocks created in CFX-HEXA. In Hexa I can create 2-D grids for CFX-4 and CFX-5, but I can't do it for Tascflow since I don't have the third direction. So, can I do something like "extruding" the plane I have and create the 3rd direction and defining then at least 2 seeds to export the resulting grid for the tascflow code ? Please, I'll appreciate if I can see your opinion.
Regards, cfd guy

David Minns March 1, 2002 10:33

Re: HEXA: 2D grids on Tascflow.
Hi, ICEM HEXA has a 2d-3d button in the topology menu. You will need to make your CAD 3d also so the projections are vaild.


cfd guy March 1, 2002 14:09

Re: HEXA: 2D grids on Tascflow.
Thanks David,
The AEA Support told me to use this command and it worked fine.
cfd guy

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