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a.melandinos February 19, 2002 11:03

CSO chamber using CFX
I am trying to model a Combined Sewer Overflow using CFX. Because I started to use CFX one month ago and I don't have enough time, I need help and where I am there is no one particularly specialist to help me sufficiently with that software. I would appreciate if some one send me a file containing information on how to model a CSO chamber using CFX.

Kind regards Athanasios

P.Fonteijn February 19, 2002 16:46

Re: CSO chamber using CFX
What is a CSO? Which physical models do you need? Is it multiphase flow. Are particles involved. Do you have to show that the thing works fine or do you have to redesign it.

In other words, what do you want to do, what is the purpose of the modelling?


Herve February 20, 2002 08:31

Re: CSO chamber using CFX

CFX staff have done CSO simulations and presented these at conferences. You should ask them for some advice on that and whether they could supply a "template" example..

athanasios melandinos February 25, 2002 04:24

Re: CSO chamber using CFX
CSO means Combined sewer overflow and it has been used to reduce up stream flooding during storm events. These CSOs are placed periodically to provide capacitance in the system to allow for over spill to excess water. This can be represented in a multiphase flow with particles involved. Basically i have generated the mesh and the only thing left is to run the model with the particle transport.


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