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Rhydar February 19, 2002 12:22

Hydrostatic Pressure
Hi All Does anyone know how CFX-4.4 deals with hyfrostatic pressure in environmental flows. Is driving me crazy!! Thanks in advance

Ribeiro February 21, 2002 10:31

Re: Hydrostatic Pressure

Just put bouyancy with it is multiphase or includes as a body force the -rho*g term in the source of momentum equation.


Rhydar February 27, 2002 11:12

Re: Hydrostatic Pressure
Thanks Ribeiro Didn't quite understand though. Does CFX4.4 attomatically calc. the hydrostatic pressure in if you specify the buoyancy vector in the command file, or does one have to add the source term -rho*g in a USR routine as an extra term? And if so, what happens to the gravity vector?? Still confused, but getting there!!

Ribeiro March 6, 2002 10:54

Re: Hydrostatic Pressure
If your problem is 1 phase then you should enter the gravity force through USRBF (it is quite easy!). If you have 2 or more phases then it can be done by bouyancy. Indeed the bouyancy (due to gravity) only exits between two fluids.

I hope it is clear now.


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