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N Menon February 21, 2002 08:09

Adaptive Meshing
Is there a way of viewing the final grid in the post processor of CFX 5.5 after the adptive meshing procedure has taken place?

Astrid February 21, 2002 08:14

Re: Adaptive Meshing
The last grid is written in the results file. You can view the grid in CFX-Post.


John February 21, 2002 11:23

Re: Adaptive Meshing
hi astrid

you mean post processor , ie cfx visualise?


Astrid February 21, 2002 12:06

Re: Adaptive Meshing
CFX 5.5 provides CFX-Post. You can view the grid with Post. Unfortunately you cannot view grid quality

CFX 5.4.1. provides CFX-Visualise. There you can view the grid and the grid quality.

Don't aks why they forgot to implement quality viewing in a newer version.


Neale February 21, 2002 16:41

Re: Adaptive Meshing
You can use CFX-Visualise with CFX-5.5 as well. CFX-Post just happens to be the default if you start postprocessing from the launcher.

I doubt they forgot to implement the grid quality stuff in CFX-Post. Probably they just didn't get time within release schedule constraints. A new release is coming at this summer, I bet it will be there.


Astrid February 21, 2002 17:08

Re: Adaptive Meshing

We only have a licence for CFX-Post, not for CFX-Visualize.

Viewing the grid quality will be available in CFX 5.5.1, as the support desk told me.


Neale February 22, 2002 03:17

Re: Adaptive Meshing
I think they use the same license. Even if they don't, it would seem ludicrous to charge extra just to view grid quality.

One should probably point out that CFX-Post has many many other features not available in Visualise.

It is debatable that the the grid quality analysis in Visualise was of any real use, and it certainly was not clear to me that any of the metrics were available had anything to do with solver performance.


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