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pperic February 22, 2002 07:57

CFX-Hexa documentation

Where can I find CFX-Hexa online documentation and tutorials?

Thanks, Pero

Astrid February 24, 2002 10:55

Re: CFX-Hexa documentation
Try the helpdesk, but I think they will forward you to ICEM-CFD.


pperic February 25, 2002 04:50

Re: CFX-Hexa documentation
Thanks Astrid

Anather question.

I'm a new in Tascflow (fluent user). How are you import your geometry in CFX-HEXA (or ICEM-CFD)? Can you describe me your path of mesh preparing?

Thanks, pp

Astrid February 25, 2002 17:14

Re: CFX-Hexa documentation
In fact, I don't know CFX-Hexa but do know ICEM-CFD. Assuming they work the same you can try the following:

Make a draft version of your geometry in a CAD-package (Pro-E, Solidworks, Catia) or in CFX-Build. By a draft version, I mean the outline of the geometry (corner points, lines and outer surfaces). Then export it to an IGES-format and read it in CFX-Hexa. There make the internal block structure.

Succes, Astrid

pperic February 26, 2002 11:14

Re: CFX-Hexa documentation
Thanks Astrid,

Did you meen in ICEM-CFD (for iges importing) ?

ImportGeo: Iges --> Tetin

Thanks pp

David Minns March 1, 2002 10:32

Re: CFX-Hexa documentation
Hi, I haven't seen CFX HEXA but if it's the same as ICEM CFD HEXA then the best route for CAD import depends on your CAD system. If you have one of the following,

CATIA, PROE, UG, IDEAS, solidworks, ICEM SURF then use a direct interface (DIF). If you don't then use IGES.



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