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Sjoerd Romkes February 22, 2002 14:01

Timestep value plotted in animation, CFX 5.5 POST
Dear CFX-users

I would like to plot the timestep/total time value in a transient animation. I have no idea how to do that, as I cannot load the value of the timestep (though see it of course in the time-step selector), nor see it available in the expression editor. Me stupid ;-)?

Could somebody help me with this? Thanks in advance!

Kind regards, Sjoerd

Astrid February 24, 2002 10:37

Re: Timestep value plotted in animation, CFX 5.5 P
2 Workarounds:

1) Read your output file into Excel. Sort, cut, paste, sort, cut, etc. This way you should be able to view the things you want to see.

2) Write a script that reads your output file and pick the things you need. Then, save the total time and timesteps in a text file. Read it into Excel and make a nice plot.

That is how we do it, Astrid

Sjoerd Romkes February 25, 2002 09:28

Re: Timestep value plotted in animation, CFX 5.5 P
Thank you for your answer Astrid. I understand what you write, but it does not solve my problem. I think I did not pose my question clear enough. Let's give it another try.

When I make a movie (animation) in CFX-POST of a transient run, I'd like to see the total time in the movie itself plotted. The reason is that I don't use a constant time step between each sweep of a the transient iteration, which results in a non-linear time if I make a movie with only one frame per time step. So, if possible, I want to create a movie that shows the total time so you can see the time marching together with the changing phenomena...

Regards, Sjoerd

stuart March 1, 2002 08:27

Re: Timestep value plotted in animation, CFX 5.5 P
Hi Sjoerd, I know in CFX Visualise you can plot the Time value or Time Step using Annotate. However I'm not sure in Post if you can do that, I imagine you can somewhere. One possible way would be to write some Perl using the Power Syntax and creat your own Heading using this. Have a look on the on line help at the Power Syntax- it should give you some clues. You may also need to setup the animation using the power syntax as well, I'm not sure on that. Good Luck Stuart

Sjoerd Romkes March 4, 2002 12:16

Re: Timestep value plotted in animation, CFX 5.5 P
Hi Stuart,

Thanks for your reply. Unforunately, I have not much experience with Perl, which makes it hard for me to get this working. I read through the help files and concluded, that since I am working on a short project, I do not have enough time to invest in learning Perl and the Power Syntax language to get this fixed.

I still think it is a bit awkward that an essential feature like plotting the timestep in a movie is not easily accessible. And it was indeed in the previous version...

Regards, Sjoerd

stuart March 4, 2002 12:55

Re: Timestep value plotted in animation, CFX 5.5 P
Sjoerd Yes I agree, but I also must say that just because I don't know how to do it doesn't mean that its not easily available. Have you tried contacting the CFX Support team. They are very helpfull and can usually provide a quick and simple solution to most problems. Stuart

Sjoerd Romkes March 5, 2002 11:18

Re: Timestep value plotted in animation, CFX 5.5 P
Hi Stuart,

True, they are quick and usually solve your problems. Unfortunately not in this case. FYI, the answer from technical support form CFX:


From: "CFX Technical Services" <>

Dear Sjoerd,

I have just heard back from Canada [development centre]. I had asked whether it was possible to obtain a label to show the time value as text as you could in CFX-Visualise. Unfortunately it is not yet available but is planned for CFX-5.6 which will be released at the end of this year.


stuart March 5, 2002 11:34

Re: Timestep value plotted in animation, CFX 5.5 P
Sjoerd, Oh well looks like it may be the Perl way then. Sorry, but thanks for passing on the information. If i have time I'll see if I can get something together in Perl (not sure if its even possible yet), as i will be wanting to plot the animation time for our work. If I get something to work I'll send you a copy. Good Luck Stuart

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