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Jennifer Haque February 25, 2002 13:44

fluid domains
Hi everyone,

I am experiencing problems, in creating a solid bounding geometry with a cut out geometry in the center. In the cut out geometry no equations are being solved.

If anyone knows, please let me know.

Regards Jennifer

cfd guy February 25, 2002 16:18

Re: fluid domains
Hi Jennifer,
If you want solve the interior geometry you must include it in the bounding solids. Leave empty the "Cut out Solids" box.
Regards, cfd guy

Neale February 25, 2002 17:13

Re: fluid domains
What sort of problems are you experiencing? Is there something that is not working for you?

Normally you make a 2 solids. Then specify one of them as the fluid domain solid, and the other as the cutout.

Say for example you make a 1x1x1 cube (Solid 1), then a smaller 0.25x0.25x0.25 cube in the center of Solid 1 (Solid 2). When you go to the domains panel specify Solid 1 as the fluid domain and specify solid 2 as the cutout solid.


Jennifer Haque February 26, 2002 06:00

Re: fluid domains

The example you have given, that is what I'm trying to do. The method I have used is, create a definition file for solid 1 and then create a definition file for solid 2. Create a database, import mesh mode and import the solid 1 and solid 2. Then when trying to define domains, I don't have the correct options. Can you see where I am going wrong?

Thanks for your response


Robin February 26, 2002 20:32

Re: fluid domains
Hi Jennifer,

You cannot subtract one mesh from another. When you create the mesh, import both CAD models into the same database. When defining the 3D Region (in "Mesh Only" mode) or the Fluid Domain (in "Generate Mesh" mode), choose your larger solid in the bounding solids list, and the center object in the cut-out solids list.

If you wish to solve heat transfer (CHT) in the interior solid, include all the solids in the bounding solids list, then create a solid sub-zone, or 3D sub-region for the inner CAD solid.

Regards, Robin

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