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SOFIE February 27, 2002 12:37

incubator model
Hi cfx people

I would like to model an incubator size of 1m by 0.7m by 1.5m. The inside of the test incubator is filled with a series of perforated trays (like a shelf) in which hot air is coming from the bottom. The eggs generate heat and thus should be included in the calculation. How is it possible to model each egg? should I approximate all as a small cubes?


Astrid February 27, 2002 17:45

Re: incubator model
How large is the egg?


Robin February 27, 2002 20:58

Re: incubator model
Hi Sofie,

Sounds like an interesting project.

You could add the eggs by including their surfaces in the fluid domain (by cutting them out of the CAD solid for instance). Model the heat transfer from the eggs by specifying a heat flux.

Alternatively, you could model the heat transfer within the egg too (assuming constant properties) and add a volumetric heat source within the egg to simulate the heat generated.


SOFIE February 28, 2002 05:12

Re: incubator model
Hi Astrid

Well the eggs are the one which you can find in supermarkets:) chicken eggs. My problem is that how can I simulate the geometry of the eggs? as a cube or as a sphere? what can I do for the contact surfaces between the surface of the tray and the curved surface of the eggs. Should I use constraints? A colligue told me that not to use constraints. Do you advise me to neglect the trays and to put the eggs very near (without contact) each other suspended on the hot air?



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