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Zoltan Turzo March 5, 2002 16:43

Remote access of Licence manager of CFX
I have CFX4.4 license, and i have installed the program on my office computer. But sometimes it would be greate if i can use it on my home computer as well. Does anybody tryed to use the licence server of CFX trough internet connection?

Best Regards

Zoltan Turzo

Astrid March 5, 2002 18:45

Re: Remote access of Licence manager of CFX
No I haven't tried it. However, if you have a fast internet connection you could use PcAnywhere or Timbuktu software. With this software you can visualise and control the computer at your work from out of your house. Having said that I remember that OPEN GL applications like CFX-Build or Fieldview do not perform very well. But you can run cases in DOS boxes. MS-Word, Excel and other low level application too.

Good luck, Astrid

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