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ALEX March 11, 2002 18:18

still USRWTM
Now, I think that it is not possible to change TM (wall multiplier) for scalar !!!

It would be better if I explain what I have done ...

1/ I have changed the TM value for the velocity : this works since it has an effect on the shape of velocity distribution U(y)

2/ I did the same for scalar => no effect at all.

When I use GETSCA, CFX returns ISC=1 and when testing with IEQN, it changes the velocity'S TM value.

So I've made ISC1=28 (1st scalar equation, when there is no other scalar such as mass fraction) and then compare with IEQN ===> doing such make (I think) the scalar's TM modification. BUT, while making TM varying from 1e-10 to 1e10 I saw no effect at all on scalar's distribution (scalar(y)).

(TM=0 => severe fortan error ;-)

Scalar's distribution response is fortunately affected when I change boundary conditions value (I mean A,B,C in the command file).

I think that I have misunderstood something with wall function concept in CFX ? So if someone could help me, I would like to know where I am mistaking ?

Thanks in advance


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