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Jens March 14, 2002 02:38

Edge matching

I have a problem when creating a solid from surfaces.

I keep getting the error:

"A Gap exists between two of the faces in the Body. This may be due to edges not matching directly or a missing face. Edges are highlighted. Use Edit/Surface/Edge Match to close the gaps, then use Create/Solid/Brep to create the solid."

And then all edge are highlighted.

I have tryed Edit/Surface/Edge Match and Edit/Surface/Sew, but this does not help !

Any help is welcome.



cfd guy March 14, 2002 09:06

Re: Edge matching
Hi Jens,
Which CFX-BUILD are you using? BUILD 4 or BUILD 5 ?
Regards, cfd guy

Jens March 14, 2002 09:50

Re: Edge matching

I am using CFD-Build 5.

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards


cfd guy March 14, 2002 13:37

Re: Edge matching
In Build 5 you can work with BRep solids (color is white) and Tri-Parametric solid (dark blue). And there are two kind of surfaces you can work in BUILD 5, Bi-parametric (default color is green) and Trimmed (default color is magenta). So if you want to build a solid (BRep) you must select all your external surfaces to obtain a completely closed volume. If you forget one or more faces, BUILD will highlight it as missing edges giving you the message you posted. In the other hand you can work with the dark blue ones, but it's more practice to work with BRep, it's much more easier. I'll give you a simple example: Create a single surface...
Create - Surface - XYZ Origin: [0 0 0], Vector <1 1 0>
Create - Solid - Extrude Origin: [0 0 0], Vector <0 0 5>, Select the surface you created
Now you have a dark blue solid (Tri-Parametric). Break the solid into several surfaces: Edit - Solid - Disassemble Select Solid 1 and YES (Delete original solids)
And finally you can make your BRep solid selecting all the remaining surfaces (6 surfaces). I hope you understood me.
Good luck! cfd guy

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